Web Analytics & Data

We measure, collect, analyze, and report web data in order to help you better understand your visitor’s online behavior.

Measurable Goals

We use Google Analytics and several other online tools to track your website’s visitors.

See Who Is Visiting Your Site

Segment your website’s visitors by age, location, internet browser, device, and more.

Gain More Traffic

Discover what pages are performing better and optimize less popular pages.

Sell More Products

Learn what product pages are getting the most traffic and improve your online sales.

Analyze Website Data

See in real time where your users are coming from. Find out whether they are in the United States, or across the globe so you can optimize your content accordingly. Learn important insights on what device, internet browser, operating system, or service provider your users are using.

Build a Stronger Website and Get Traffic From More Sources

See where traffic is coming from; by directly typing in your URL, referral traffic, paid ads, or organic search. Build a strong web presence by strengthening pages that don’t convert well or that have high bounce rates. 

Weekly Reporting

Recieve a custom report every week showing how your website has performed.

Ready To Get Started?

"I found out I was getting alot of traffic from South America, so I optimized my website to translate in several languages. Now my online sales are through the roof!"

– Allison S.